Drug Delivery

Many drugs that are administered systemically fail or are dose-limited because of unwanted adverse effects. These side effects result from an interaction of the drug with various organs and tissues that are not the intended target of the drug. Often the only solution is to reduce the dose of the drug, which also reduces its efficacy.

Our research in this area focuses on targeted drug delivery, whereby drugs can be directed to a specific area, avoiding unpleasant or harmful side effects. Targeted drug delivery opens up a new dimension in therapeutic intervention including the use of existing oral/systemic drugs whose optimal efficacy is currently unrealized due to unacceptable adverse effects. In addition to existing drugs, we are looking at new approaches for delivering other agents, such as peptide and proteins, to specific sites that cannot be administered orally. These advancements in drug delivery would address many therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, CNS, metabolic diseases, inflammation/pain and cancer, creating significant new opportunities for improving patient outcomes.

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